"It's the use of all the reclaimed wood that Jeremy Kelley, general manager of Kelley Building Company, is most proud of. Kelley worked with Tommy Whitaker of Many Moons Design to acquire the wood.

"It's hard to find a floor like this," Kelley said. "you just don't see 150-year-old solid white oak posts anymore."
Many Moons Design is proud to have received the following recognition from around the country in response to both our dedication to quality and commitment to conservation over the past decade.
"The other winner, the owners of Many Moons Designs, Tommy and Laura Whittaker, call themselves "barn chasers." They take old wood from just about anywhere and turn it into beautiful things like custom cabinets and custom floors. Their floors may be seen at Windy Corner Market and Restaurant on rural Bryan Station Road and The Grey Goose restaurant on Jefferson Street."
"Overall, I find their pricing quite reasonable for the work that goes into these incredibly high-quality, artistic pieces. Many Moons Design is a gem in the world of green furnishings." 
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"The furniture designs are unique, especially the more modern pieces, which give such a wonderful contrast to the aged woods."

"One of the Whittakers' local projects was the woodwork for the conveyor belt sushi bar at School restaurant's on Old Todds Road. Another was flooring for Millard Blakey, owner of WreckCREATIONS, a remodeling company. It was used when he renovated his Lexington home, a project that earned a Green Build Kentucky certificate."
"The Save Kentucky Hemlock occasion began with a group art show, with original paintings, reduction prints, wood block prints, stained glass, sculptures, from a diverse group of artists. Some of the artists are attempting to incorporate hemlock wood into their art pieces. Many Moons Design of Lexington donated hemlock siding from salvaged old barns Forester Merill Flanary takes hemlock seriously."
Many Moons Design, LLC., Flooring Hardwood, Lexington, KY