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Many Moons Unveils New Web and Mobile Sites

by walt barlow on 02/28/13

In order to serve our customers better, we at Many Moons Design decided that it was time to perform a sweeping overhaul to our website:

We engaged in a detailed assessment of the state of our web presence before launching a massive market research campaign in order to learn how we could serve our customers more thoroughly, and more efficiently. We distilled that information into a data collection strategy which was then carried out over the 3 months, and went on to create a comprehensive resource dedicated to reclaimed wood.

This latest incarnation was designed to present our customers with all the information needed to make informed decisions when it comes to our superior quality reclaimed wood products. It features high-resolution images, and detailed historical and environmental information for each of the many species we have available on a regular basis.

For the first time ever we take you step by step through our projects, from the farm to your floor. We documented the entire reclamation process from the historical significance of the various types of wood, provide detailed accounts of the original milling techniques, then explain and illustrate the process we employ to deconstruct and remove these structures which have outlived their intended purposes. You can then witness us breathe new life in these materials, as we provide an unparalleled glimpse inside our mills via a series of videos shot by cofounder Tommy Whittaker.

The detailed explanations of the wide-ranging additional services we provide will ensure you are informed of all the options available to you while customizing your dream home. You can browse previously complete projects to help define your personal aesthetic preference, read the testimonials provided by satisfied customers, and stay informed of our award winning, and news-making flooring projects via our press page. Our blog takes it one step further by not only giving a candid look at some of our favorite projects throughout the installation process, it gives detailed historical analysis of the environmental, anthropological, and socio-political factors inherent to each piece of wood, and testify to the importance of the reclamation process.

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