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Eclectic Tastes and Reclaimed Resources in Louisville's NuLu District

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

After 15 years of business, AlterEgo Apparel recently relocated to a freestanding, two-story building in the heart of Louisville’s NuLu district, the emerging East Market Street retail/restaurant/arts district just east of the downtown. The offbeat cultural mecca where their new home, originally built in the 1860’s, stands features converted warehouses used as local breweries, antique shops and offers the city’s most trendy food and fashions.


AlterEgo doesn’t offer run-of-the-mill (or should we say run-of-the-mall) fashions. Their inventory primarily consists of two high-end European brands, and custom-made ensembles which are produced in-house, as well as one of kind artisan jewelry. A setting where people who love art and design come to find exciting fashion, food, and furnishings will serve to connect AlterEgo with the eclectic women who make up their target audience—a demographic which is more focused on the arts and creativity, than concerned with price point.


The new location seems to be an ideal fit; however, as with any building of that era, renovations can be both sweeping, and highly involved. After asbestos abatement and structural stabilization, a custom-tailored space took shape, which provides both a ground-level sales floor and a second-story production studio, with an open atrium connecting the two.  We were ecstatic when they decided such a beautiful space, not to mention the revitalized district in which it’s located, were a perfect match for our Kentucky Thoroughbred Oak flooring, which is made of wood reclaimed from the fencing of horse farms in the area.  Additionally, their decision to use prefinished wood drastically reduced the time needed for installation. Actually, the entire job only took one day to complete, which was surely a relief considering all the time and energy demanded by a restoration project of this magnitude!


You can learn more about AlterEGO Apparel on their Facebook page, or reach them at (502) 426-2435. Be sure you stop in next time you’re in the area, or whenever you get a craving for a taste of the elegant and unconventional. They’re located at, 811 East Market Street!

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